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Restaurant ~ Karaoke ~ Hotel ~ Apartment ~ Retail ~ Office 

We are hospitality designers and consultants, who are more than happy to meet with you to discuss on your hospitality businesses which may require services such as interior & exterior design, construction ,renovation , executive search, business consulting, business management or hospitality industry training. Whether we are working on a project for a chain of restaurants, a hotel, a club, a supermarket, a fitness centre, a villa, an apartment, an office or a small café, we approach all of our services with the same excitement.


Step-by-Step to Client’s Hospitality Business

  1. Meeting client to understand client’s requirement and business concept
  2. Survey actual location and prepare current 2D layout measurement
  3. Start designing 2D layout with proper measurement for client approval
  4. After completion of the layout, option to prepare the M&E layout plan
  5. Prepare all detail drawing with measurement and 3D artist impression
  • Option 1 – Design 2D layout and create 3D artist impression
  • Option 2 – 2D layout design with M&E layout plan
  • Option 3 – Project Consultant
  • Option 4 – Construction Work
  • Option 5 – Business Consultant







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